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We're feeling somewhat rebellious…..

That's why we have decided to kick up some dirt. 

We are fed up with the footwear industry. Human & non-human exploitation and a sickening amount of waste: Making shoes clearly is a dirty job.

But it doesn't have to be! It's 2020 and it's possible to get your kicks in a different way.

Let's start a revolution. Let's reinvent, challenge, disrupt and raise the bar. Let's step forward and march into that better future together.

Nooch is the footwear brand that wants it all:
Plant-Based, Zero-Waste and Ethically Produced.

We are aiming for that truly closed loop. Because at Nooch that full circle logo stands for something, and it ain't donuts.

World Peace & Unconditional Love, Team Nooch

…We do love a good vegan donut though… 



100% Plant Based

We are animal lovers. So no fellow Earthlings were harmed in the making of these sneakers. All our materials are made of plants: From the sole to the laces and the glue and thread used to keep everything together. 

100% Zero Waste

Our sneakers are fully biodegradable, leaving nothing but compost to replenish our planet again. We are even planning on a system where we take back all the sneakers at the end of their lifecycle to make sure that they are correctly composted and given back to the earth.

100% Ethically Produced

Who would want to walk on shoes that were made by children and/or under horrible conditions? Not us. That's why we made sure that the factory where we make our sneakers is a good place to work. Based in Portugal and under EU regulations we guarantee you that you can thread the earth in your Nooch Sneakers with a clear conscience.


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